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Welcome to Bayrise - Fresh From Lake Victoria

Finest Fish Farm in Africa

Welcome to Bayrise! A modern fish farm in Africa, sprawling in the deep blue waters of Lake Victoria, produces the finest quality Tilapia for local consumption, and export. We are a sustainable aquaculture company based along the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria in Sori Bay, Migori County, Kenya.

Our mission is on food security, and we do so by sustainably bridging both the local and global demand for Tilapia fish, which is a healthier, nutritious protein, with a reduced CO2 footprint compared to other protein sources. We work every day to sustain accessibility and affordability, while creating jobs and economic empowerment for all, including the youth and women.

Bayrise fish farm supplies both large- and small-scale orders to local communities and urban markets, wholesale fish buyers, fish processors, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and institutions. One can’t forget the goodness of a nutritious, clean tasting fish that makes an excellent part of a healthier, balanced diet, that we bring from lake to your tables to be enjoyed by your friends and families.

In additional to our nutritious and fresh fish we are known for, we are additionally contributing to solving aquaculture value chain challenges by providing our fellow farmers with proven high quality fish feeds, modern sustainable aquaculture equipment, technology, and services.


How We Do Fish Farming

At Bayrise, we’ve put in place strong processes to consistently produce the best fish quality for you


Install Fish Cages

Our Tilapia are sustainably farmed in large floating fish cages located about 2 km offshore Lake Victoria.

Select Fingerlings

Our fingerlings come from carefully managed hatcheries where fish eggs are fertilized in carefully monitored conditions.

Feed the Fish

We feed the fingerlings using high-quality, vegetable-based fish feeds. Purely natural. No additives, no preservatives.

Harvest the Fish

The fingerlings reach maturity in about six to eight months upon which we harvest the fish and deliver them to your table.

Bayrise Fish Farm home of the best locally and naturally bred Tilapia Fish.

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