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Why Bayrise

Why Bayrise

About Us

Having Real Experts For Fish Farming

As a rising aquaculture company in Africa, we acknowldege our vital role in addressing aquaculture value chain challenges, sustaining availability of healthier protein foods security, job creation and economic empowerment for all; including the youth and women.

Bayrise is a sustainable aquaculture company recognized for its people, products, and performance.

We are a social enterprise company with the triple bottom line business model – building a successful business, while being environmentally and socially responsible.

Trusted brand world’s supplier with 50+ years of feed production experience

Easy to order & faster delivery

Produced with the environment & sustainability in mind

Competitive pricing, great technical & training support

Let’s Rise & Grow Together Sustainably!

We partner with the best in the industry to deliver well thought-out solutions which are sustainable, with emphasis on cost reduction, speed of execution and low environmental footprint.


What We Do

Bayrise is a total solutions provider for: FISH, FEEDS, CAGES AND PONDS

How We Do It?

We Protect The People and the Environment

Operate with Integrity and Trust

We Value Partnerships