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About Us

About Us

About Us

The Fish Company of Choice

Welcome! Bayrise is a fast-budding fish farming company specialized in rearing, preserving, and distributing naturally bred Tilapia fish. We started our journey way back in 2018 after realizing that consumers are increasingly yearning and looking for authentic fish cuisine sourced from the world’s most trusted source: the fresh waters of Lake Victoria.

Woven throughout our network of operations is the triple bottom line principles: Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and Business success. All our processes undergo rigorous quality assurance tests at every stage, ensuring that all our customers get only the finest Tilapia. So, look no further. This is it, truly natural fish for you.

To become a sustainable aquaculture company that does well for the good of society.

Sustainably produced and accessibility of affordable fish as a healthier protein for all

Our business model is based on the triple bottom line – building a successful business, while being environmentally and socially responsible.


Always Ready to Supply You With The Best Fish

When everybody is turning to genetically modified foods, Bayrise is holding steady. We are here to offer you sumptuous, naturally bred Tilapia fish. We have a dedicated and professional team that will ensure you have your fish bites and cuts just the way you like them.


Passion For Fish, People & Sustainability

The Bayrise Way is all about Getting Results the Right Way:

  • We Protect People and the Environment
  • We operate with Integrity and strive to earn your Trust
  • We value Partnerships & Ingenuities that leads to High Performance

Bayrise is your partner of choice for inclusive and sustainable aquaculture for the good of society.

We love our customers and all other stakeholders, and we are here to help. Together, we can rise and grow sustainably!

TRUST: Why should you trust us?

We are transparent in our business practices, hence we ensure every process is quality assured.

INGENUITY: Are we an innovative company?

Oh yes we are. We are constantly reinventing the wheel with our aquaculture practices so that we always deliver added value to you.

PARTNERSHIP: Can you partner with us stakeholders?

We‘re committed to being a good partner focused on building productive, collaborative, and mutual beneficial relationships with all of our stakeholders─customers, regulators, distributors, and the community.