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Fish Feeds

At Bayrise, we ‘Green’ the food sector by only carry and feeding our fish with high quality feeds from Aller Aqua, a trusted brand and world’s supplier with 50+ years of feed production experience. Aller Aqua feeds are produced with the environment & sustainability in mind, and with no antibiotics, no additives, no polyphosphates, and no preservatives.

Cage farming is a well-documented, efficient model of fish production that is proven to be sustainable and climate friendly compared to other protein sources. For example, farmed fish convert feed to edible food more efficiently than beef, making it an attractive option for expanding the global animal protein supply. Though we also recognize that intensification of aquaculture has led to a decrease in the use of land and freshwater per unit of farmed fish produced. However, aquaculture also has the potential to increase water pollution and waste from feed. The use of Aller Aqua’s products, which are developed to minimize environmental impacts, is key in mitigating such effects.