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Why Bayrise

Why Bayrise 1

Why We Do What We Do:

Protein Food Security & and jobs for Kenyans & and the World- Kenya recognizes that fish is the best naturally healthier protein than any other meat and intends to double the current per capita fish consumption in the country from 4.5 kg per annum to over 10 kg per annum by 2030. This is truly an ambitious goal for a country that produces only 150,000 tons of the 600,000 tons of fish it consumes.
• FAO suggests significant potential for the sector to create jobs, include smallholders in value chains, empower women, contribute to healthier diets, protect biodiversity, & build climate resilience.
• According to Global Aquaculture Alliance, 62% of global fish production will come from aquaculture by the year 2030.

It’s in response to these challenges that lead to the formation of Bayrise as a sustainable aquaculture company. We believe that we have a dedicated & committed team that will face these challenges sustainable!

Get to know us more and you will understand why we are one of the RISING Fish Farms in Africa; Doing our part for an economically & environmentally sustainable aquaculture sector that is inclusive and providing food security & create jobs, first for the well-being of all Kenyans, and later to the rest of the world!