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High quality feeds for sustainable aquaculture are now available in Kenya

Optimum growth is at the core of every type of feed we develop at Aller Aqua. Optimum growth is also at the core of us offering a wide selection of feeds that are not only adjusted to the specific species, but also to environment and temperature.

In our range of products, you can find the exact feed which will help achieve optimum growth for your farm. Aller Aqua’s product range is one of the World’s most versatile.

We do not consider growth the defining parameter for optimum growth. Optimum growth is about finding the right balance between growth and price in order to ensure that you, as our customer, have the best possible business.

Optimum growth means growing your business – we can rise and achieve that together sustainably.


Fry Feeds

High survival, fast growth, and healthy larvae and fry can only be achieved under optimum conditions. Optimal environmental conditions and delivery of the best feeds are paramount for the successful transition from yolk-sac to external feeding. Fast growth, low mortality, no deformities, and uniform fish stocks are results of optimal feed, meeting all the nutritional requirements of the developing fish.

Aller Aqua provides tailored feeds without compromising raw materials, nutrient composition, and production technology. The upgraded fry feeds from Aller Aqua are no exception. Our fry feeds have been given a boost in essential nutrients to improve the health and development of the young fry and lead to:





Grower Feeds

Aller Aqua offers grower feeds for more than 30 species of fish, including trout, tilapia, carp, sturgeon, sea bass, sea bream, and many more. Each feed is adapted to the specific nutritional needs of each species. A blend of carefully selected raw materials, and a production that conforms to the highest quality standards, results in grower feeds that provide all the essential nutrients and energy required by growing fish.

The feeds are not only adapted to the nutritional requirements of the fish, but also to different farming conditions to offer the best feeds to our customers.

Like other types of feed from Aller Aqua, the grower feeds have been thoroughly tested in numerous trials at Aller Aqua Research, partner institutes, and trial farms, and are continuously evaluated and optimized utilizing the latest research within fish nutrition and feed production.

The result is feeds optimized to promote fast growth as well as healthy fish, and thus the biggest possible yield for our customers.


Broodstock Feeds

High-quality fish fry forms the foundation of every viable fish business. The future performance potential and health of farmed fish are highly dependent on the quality of the offspring. This in turn is closely linked to the accumulation and delivery of precious nutrients from the female. It is therefore essential for Broodstock feeds to ensure that all essential nutrient requirements are met. In the case of caviar for human consumption, the quality of eggs and their traits are the direct parameters for success.

Formulating Broodstock Feeds

Aller Aqua’s Broodstock diets are formulated based on the respective reproductive biology of several fish species, the latest research on the nutritional requirements of Broodstock and offspring, and a careful selection of the finest raw materials.

Several nutrients have been identified to be beneficial for performance of Broodstock:

Finisher Feeds

Using optimized finisher feeds at least 10 weeks before harvest increases levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the fillet. These nutrients are beneficial for fish as well as humans, and the elevated levels obtained through using finisher feeds increase nutritional value. Depending on the recipe, finisher feed can also help bring out a deeper more appealing color in sea bream.

The health benefits of regularly including fish in your diet are well documented, and farmed fish is a valuable source of protein. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, like the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, are essential for both fish and humans for a healthy immune system, metabolism, cardiovascular system, cell membranes, and brain development, to name a few.

Whilst wild fish obtain omega-3 fatty acids from the food chain, farmed fish need them delivered via marine ingredients in the fish feed. The substitution of marine oils, which

are rich in DHA and EPA, with vegetable oils in regular fish feed over the years has led to reduced contents of DHA and EPA in the final product for the consumer. As fish require all essential nutrients to grow healthily on a regular fish feed, marine fish farmers can create additional value by enhancing the nutritional value of the fish and consequently the final product for the consumer. Farmed marine fish can accumulate omega-3 fatty acids in the flesh, given that extra content of these fatty acids is supplied by the feed for several weeks before harvest.

Wild sea bream feed on a large variety of things which creates the deeper coloration. But although the farmed diet is optimized for health and growth, the lesser variety makes for a lighter colored fish. Naturally derived raw materials in the farmed sea bream diet can change this, enhancing coloration and adding nutritional value.


Functional Feeds

It is well known that different fish species have different nutritional requirements. To promote fish growth and fish health, Aller Aqua focuses on the development of functional feeds that support beneficial physiological effects that go beyond traditional feed formulations.

At the same time, our functional feeds need to be economically attractive and environmentally friendly. That is why Aller Aqua carefully selects specific raw materials for functional feeds.

Aller Aqua carefully selects specific raw materials for functional feeds. Functional feeds from Aller Aqua target the mitigation of negative effects of parasites, bacterial diseases, and stressful events on fish, and thereby ultimately the performance on the fish farm.


Fish feed for organic production

At Aller Aqua we deliver feed for organic farming of several species of fish. EU regulation states that all organic fish must be fed with feed approved for organic farming from hatch to harvest. Therefore, our feeds for organic aquaculture covers the fish life cycle from hatch to harvest. When formulating feed for organic aquaculture we focus on raw materials of high quality and adjust the recipes for optimum performance on the farm.

We have organic feeds for Atlantic Salmon Freshwater, Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Meagre, Sea bass and Sea bream.

Fish Feed Training at Bayrise Fish

At Bayrise we recognize that the profitability of commercial farming is paramount; With feed costs accounting for up to 70% of production costs, farmers using our feeds need technical support to help them determine rations and also feeding schedules. This will not only ensure the proper use of our feeds but as well as develop long-term commercial relationships with our clients.

Our trainings cover best practices and adopting suitable feed management strategies that contributes substantially to optimal use of the feeds thereby ensuring maximum returns, while at the same time reduces pollution. Our training covers:

  • Use of Aquanetix farm management app by Small and Medium sized Farmers. This app is supportive and allows the delivery of custom technical support to farmers.
  • Optimization of feeding strategies and the calculation of suitable ration sizes and feeding rates, feeding frequencies and times, taking into consideration the natural feeding rhythms of the farmed species.
  • The knowledge and skills of monitoring, recording feed utilization; this makes it difficult to use FCRs to determine feed efficiencies.

Contact us today for your training needs.