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Feeds Training

At Bayrise we recognize that the profitability of commercial farming is paramount; With feeds costs accounting up to 70% of production costs, farmers using our feeds need technical support to help them determine rations and also feeding schedules. This will not only ensure the proper use of our feeds, but as well as developing long-term commercial relationships with our clients.

Our trainings cover best practices and adopting suitable feed management strategies that contributes substantially to optimal use of the feeds thereby ensuring maximum returns, while at the same time reduces pollution. Our training covers:

  • Use of Aquanetix farm management app by Small and Medium sized Farmers. This app is supportive and allows the delivery of custom technical support to farmers.
  • Optimization of feeding strategies and the calculation of suitable ration sizes and feeding rates, feeding frequencies and times, taking into consideration the natural feeding rhythms of the farmed species.
  • The knowledge and skills of monitoring, recording feed utilization; this makes it difficult to use FCRs to determine feed efficiencies.

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