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Migori – “The Jewel in the Making” of Western Kenya

Migori county based in the Northwestern side of Homa Bay county is referred to as “The Jewel in the Making”. Demographically, Migori County is the most diverse region of Nyanza after Kisumu. The inhabitants include AbaSuba people, Joluo, Abakuria, Abagusii, Abaluhya, Somalis, Indians, Arabs, Agikuyu and Nubians.

Migori town serves as in important link between Kenya and Tanzania and the second most viable commercial center in Luo-Nyanza after Kisumu.

Agriculture is a key source of revenue and the primary activity for farmers. Fish farming is also a primary activity backed by the presence of Lake Victoria, which harbors freshwater fish.

Demand for fish in Kenya is increasing rapidly due to population growth, rising incomes and more awareness on the nutritional benefits of fish, but the country’s wild fisheries are struggling to meet the demand. In an attempt to solve the issue, the Government of Kenya has been actively promoting the development of an aquaculture (fish farming) sector.

The national county government is keen on boosting fish production in the county, reducing household hunger, and boosting supplies of fish, and circulation of money in the domestic economy.

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